Imran Tahir exults over 100th ODI appearance World Cup 2019

Imran Tahir admitted that he should maintain his feelings for the test because the team in the Sunday World Cup against Bangladesh made 100 runs.

Tahir is just another specialist spinner after just one year after reaching one of the DC caps for the prototype after Nairobi.

The 40-year-old World Cup is the most ancient player in this edition and was an emotional moment for reaching 100 matches.

Tahir was born in Lahore but during his 1998 U19 World Cup in South Africa, after meeting his wife Samiia, by the British magic, he permanently moved from Pakistan to Pakistan.

Amazing journey ‘

“It really feels special. If I look, I play my first game in the 2011 World Cup, it’s been a wonderful journey.” Tahir said before the match. “I always dreamed about it, but I never thought that I’m playing here in my 100th game for South Africa. This is a great honor to give the opportunity to the beautiful people of South Africa and South Africa. I am grateful to everyone. ”

After his first wicket in the Tahir 2011 Cricket World Cup, Prasas has been a part of the attack, with 31 career striking in the 31st strike.

40 years and 64 days, he became the oldest South African to play in the World Cup, who beat his opening match against England on Friday.

Imran Tahir exults over 100th ODI appearance World Cup 2019

Imran Tahir exults over 100th ODI appearance World Cup 2019

“That means I am very much, I can never express this word. I am a man who has come up with a lot of difficulties, I have lost my parents without having to play international cricket. It is a special opportunity for my family. I have not seen my brother and sister for the last two years but they think I’m playing this game is very important for me. I’m proud if I look back. I never dreamed of it but I never thought that I would play with legends and teens in this team. ”

Tahir has re-written the record books for several occasions throughout his career.

He records the record of South Africa (7-45), the best one-day bowling figure, the fastest South African bowler, including 100 wickets.

And Tahir made the first batsman in the first World Cup match after becoming the first spinner, after dismissing England’s junior beerstwo, the second ball, which made a wicket, in which he played a semi-circle in his speech. encouraged.

“I am a man who likes to challenge.” I think my captain can give me the ball in any case and I can say that I’m the first to be a man. “” I am fully prepared and The bowl will be prepared in the situation. “

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